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Driveways & Patios in Timperley

  • Timperley is a popular and quaint part of the beautiful Cheshire region, with a long and fascinating history. Properties there are predominantly from the 1930s, with some older cottages that date back further than that. Consequently, homes are generally larger than the 'northern terraces' of Manchester tradition, and there is plenty of exterior space for many of these houses. If you aren't making full use of your home's exterior, you are missing out on a range of great benefits.

    Aside from adding commercial value to your home, a patio or driveway will provide great curb appeal, make spaces more manageable, and add extra functionality to spaces that otherwise aren't really being used for anything. At A1 Paving, we take a hard-landscaping approach to the installation of our driveways and patios that we have been creating since 1989. We produce the type of unique, deluxe driveways and patios Timperley deserves, matching the classical aesthetic with contemporary functionality.

When we design a patio, we help you to consider whether you would benefit from a wall, which can help protect your property from accidental damage and unwanted rubbish blowing in from the streets. We also go over a range of pathway options and can use CAD to give you a real idea of how your property could look. We also design and implement the driveways Timperley residents should be proud of. In rural communities, there is often the space for a sizeable driveway which can be an attractive and pleasant space to spend time in, as well as park your vehicles. We always bring the same high levels of quality and design to ensure your driveway is perfect.

The benefits to developing your exterior space are huge, and it should be seen as an investment that will pay dividends if you sell the property and add a new depth to the quality of your home. So, get in touch today to discuss the driveways or patios Timperley is suitable for, and we'll arrange a consultation to discuss your space and come up with some ideas for the design process.

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